How to Build a Berm?

Answer Do you need to raise the level of your front or backyard? Or maybe you want to create some small grass mounds in your backyard? For whatever the reason, read below and find out how to!

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What Is a Rose Berm?

Berms are one method of growing roses, and work well if you want to incorporate other plants, too. A berm is simply a mound -- a raised area similar to a raised bed, but without blocking frames. ... Read More »

What kind of soil should be used for the top of a berm?

Berms are used in landscaping for a number of different reasons such as direct drainage, to raise a planting area or even to provide a noise barrier. Berms should be made of premium topsoil. In ord... Read More »

Garden Berm Ideas?

The garden berm is a designated area defined by a sloping mound of soil. The soil is built up to create elevation. The top of the berm, called the crown, may support plant life if a sufficient dept... Read More »

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