How to Build a Battlefield?

Answer Have you ever wanted to play war with friends or family, but you have no battlefield or ideas how? Well, now you can by reading my article on how to build/create your own awesome battlefield and le... Read More »

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Is this a Good Computer Build for High Graphic Gaming (like battlefield 3 on ultra)?

That is a great setup! Make sure you get an operating system in (windows 7).The 7750 will run BF3 on high settings around 40fps. Adding another will put you up to ultra with 60+ fps. That dual moni... Read More »

How to Own at Battlefield 2?

These are some of the things you will ever need to know in order to own someone at Battlefield 2.

How to Improve at Battlefield?

These Battlefield 2 (BF2) tips were provided by Spartan War Fighters at

How to Draw a Battlefield?

Battlefields are large areas of land on which two opposing armies wage war. Some of the most horrific battlefields were those in Europe during the first World War. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers... Read More »