How to Build a Battery-Powered Amplifier?

Answer An amplifier circuit adds power to an AC signal. Some high-fidelity amplifiers --- such as a Class-A amplifier circuit --- waste as much as 75 percent of the energy that's input into the amplifier.... Read More »

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How to Make a Battery-Powered Amplifier?

Amplifier circuits are used to increase the voltage of AC signals. Some amplifiers are used for transmitting high-power AC signals. However, these amplifiers are prone to introducing distortion int... Read More »

How to Build a Car Battery Powered Bicycle?

On a sunny day with a flat road ahead, a bicycle ride is an attractive proposition. However, that sunny day could become downright sultry if you're pushing your bike up a hill. Battery-powered bicy... Read More »

How to Build a Battery Powered Rubber Band Car?

There are many ways you can transfer mechanical energy in a motor to the wheels of a toy car. One of the most common is with a series of gears, but you can also obtain the same effect from a rubber... Read More »

Would you prefer a solar powered watch over a battery powered?

Battery powered because I don't want to stay out in the sun. I'd like my apt. to be solar powered though.