How to Build a Baseball Dugout?

Answer You need to build a dugout, but you don't know how! If so read on.

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Is the third base dugout in baseball home or away?

There is no rule in baseball regarding which team must use the first-base dugout. At the major league level, 19 teams use the first-base side for the home dugout and 11 teams use the third-base sid... Read More »

How to Build a Wooden Baseball Bat?

Wooden baseball bats can be made from maple, ash and hickory trees. Anyone with access to a few tools, most importantly a lathe, can make wooden baseball bats. Making a good wooden bat takes some p... Read More »

How to Build a LEGO Baseball Stadium?

Baseball is often called "the national pastime," and there are fans of the sport in every city. Some of these fans may also be fans of the LEGO building system, and want to honor their favorite tea... Read More »

How to Build a Model of a Baseball Stadium?

Baseball has been played in the United States since the early 19th century. Alexander Cartwright formalized a list of rules for all teams so they could compete with each other on a national level. ... Read More »