How to Build a Baseball Dugout?

Answer You need to build a dugout, but you don't know how! If so read on.

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Is the third base dugout in baseball home or away?

There is no rule in baseball regarding which team must use the first-base dugout. At the major league level, 19 teams use the first-base side for the home dugout and 11 teams use the third-base sid... Read More »

How to Build a Wooden Baseball Bat?

Wooden baseball bats can be made from maple, ash and hickory trees. Anyone with access to a few tools, most importantly a lathe, can make wooden baseball bats. Making a good wooden bat takes some p... Read More »

How to Build a Mini Baseball Stadium?

Baseball is America's national pastime. Creating mini baseball stadium replicas is a great way to pass time and show off your love of the sport. Baseball stadiums consist of a field, bleachers, sco... Read More »

How to Build a Baseball Card Collection?

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