How to Build Your Own Tivo?

Answer Do you want to record live programming but you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a TiVo or other DVR system? By following these instructions, you can make your own functional DVR.

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Does a TiVo DVR require service from TiVo?

In order to use a TiVo DVR, you must purchase a service subscription plan from the company. TiVo offers four different plans: monthly, annually, 3-year and product lifetime. As of 2010, the plan... Read More »

Do you need TiVo service to use a TiVo?

You need TiVo service to use a TiVo. TiVo offers a variety of service plan options including monthly, annual, and lifetime service plan options. You can purchase a TiVo digital video recorder onlin... Read More »

Do you need a Tivo subscription to use a Tivo?

The Tivo digital video recorder may be used without a Tivo subscription service. Without service, the digital recorder has very limited functionality. Rewind, pause, fast-forward and slow motion ma... Read More »

How to View Your Photos on a TiVo?

TiVo was introduced in 1999 and is a digital video recorder that allows you to record episodes of your favorite shows. The TiVo DVR also can be connected to a home network, which allows you to view... Read More »