How to Build Your Own Small Mammal Trap?

Answer While it is simpler and far more humane to buy a good animal trap, some die-hard do-it-yourself types prefer to build their own. Home-made traps have many disadvantages, and a commercial trap is a ... Read More »

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How to Build a Small Live Animal Trap?

In a survival situation, knowing how to trap small game can mean the difference between life and death. While some traps are meant to kill the prey quickly, such as the figure-four dead fall, there... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Lizard Trap?

Lizards can be trapped for observations or to remove them from your land. Lizards will migrate toward a sufficient food source. If you have lizards on your property, you also have plenty of vegetat... Read More »

How to Build a Leprechaun Trap With Your Kids?

St. Patrick's Day is not just a day for pinching people who are not wearing green. It's a day that celebrates the lore and traditions of Ireland, and many of those traditions can be made into an en... Read More »

How to Trap a Small Lizard?

In hot climates, lizards can be seen basking on fences and rocks, scampering across roads and driveways, and getting into people's houses. Trapping and catching lizards is easy, and the same techni... Read More »