How to Build Your Own Media Center Computer?

Answer Building a Media Center PC can be a fun and rewarding experience. When finished, you'll have a media device that can do everything your average DVR can do, as well as everything a PC can do. The be... Read More »

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Can you hook satellite TV up to a computer that has Windows Media Center?

Yep. I have a pinnacle tv tuner, and you can hook up cable, satellite, and even pick up HD signal with it. They're like 100 bucks though.

How to Copy DVD Movies to a Computer to Play in Media Center?

Instead of searching for a particular DVD in your closet or in your media cabinet, you can save your movies on your hard drive. This practice takes a few steps, but is well worth it to have all of ... Read More »

How to Play Videos From Your Computer to Your Xbox 360 Without Windows Media Center?

Many Xbox 360 users enjoy streaming their computer's videos to their console via Windows Media Center. However, a lot of PCs don't come equipped with this expensive program, including Windows XP co... Read More »

Can Media Center Vista 64 operate two separate TV tuner cards in one computer?

Windows Media Center (even the earliest version that came installed with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005) has always been able to support at least two different TV tuners. It provides the user... Read More »