How to Build Up Fractions?

Answer Two fractions are equivalent if they host the same value. For instance, 2/3 is the same thing as 4/6. The process of reducing 4/6, 8/12, or 16/24 to 2/3 is known as simplifying. To build up fractio... Read More »

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How to Solve Fractions Within Fractions Algebraically?

A fraction contains an upper portion, which is the numerator, over a lower portion, which is the denominator. Both portions can contain numbers, variables or a combination of both. A complex fracti... Read More »

How to Divide Fractions by Fractions?

Most of us know how to divide whole numbers by whole numbers, especially if you're already doing this. But are you so sure what to do when it's fractions instead of whole numbers? For example, how ... Read More »

Fractions on a TI-84 Plus?

my calculator isnt right next to me but if i remember just put 3/(divide sign)4 +3/8...hit the math button which is under ALPHA and then pick fraction

How to Add Fractions?

Adding fractions is very handy in school.