How to Build Tweets on Metromix?

Answer Metromix is an online social network where you can share your experiences with other people on different restaurants, clubs, stores and attraction in most major U.S. cities. On Metromix, you sign u... Read More »

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I deleted all my tweets and it still shows that I have 32,000 tweets. Please help I want to get rid of it?

You should probably delete your account, but that won't really get rid of your tweets either. Anything you post online will forever be stored online and could never truly be deleted. Sorry

How do i get my tweets to end with -sp?

hahaha "-sp" means sponsor means the sponsors who pay you so they use your twitter to send links to the followers. I don't know how to reach them... good luck :D

How to Set Up an RSS Feed of Tweets?

Older versions of Twitter provided an RSS button located below a user's profile picture. The developers at Twitter have since chosen to omit this option in the newer iterations of the social networ... Read More »

How to Use Twitterfeed for AutoPilot Tweets?

Twitterfeed is a service that allows you to tie an RSS, or really simple syndication, feed to your Twitter account. When new items are detected in the RSS feed you provide, a tweet containing infor... Read More »