How to Build Stone Stairways?

Answer Building a stone stairway can be an intimidating task for any builder, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional. The key, however, is proper preparation, which can render the project much less... Read More »

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How to Refinish Stairways?

Refinishing a stairway is the same general process as refinishing a floor (sand, stain, gloss), with one important difference: if the stairway is your only way to get upstairs, and you try to refin... Read More »

How to Build a Stone Fence?

What most people perceive as a stone wall is actually a stone fence when it's used to mark boundaries rather than act as a barrier. Even if you're an amateur, you can build your own stone fence by ... Read More »

How to Build Stone Stairs?

Building your own stone stairs can be a challenging yet rewarding process. Stone stairs may be incorporated into a slope in the existing landscape, or to simply enhance an outdoor doorway. Regardl... Read More »

How to Build a Dry Stone Wall?

There are all types of reasons why an old grave has gone without a headstone. Family historians sometimes discover the location of a long lost ancestor's grave with no headstone. A bare gravesite m... Read More »