How to Build Stairs?

Answer Building a staircase incorrectly can hurt you or another person. To properly build stairs, follow these instructions.

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How to Build Stairs for a Dog?

Certain breeds of dogs and dogs of advanced age sometimes need help getting up and down from heights like a bed or a sofa. Breeds such as dachshunds and basset hounds, for example, often suffer fro... Read More »

How to Build Stairs for a Dog to Get on a Bed?

Dogs naturally rest in packs and usually welcome the opportunity to share a bed with their owners. Smaller, older or disabled dogs, however, may be unable to jump on or off a bed and may injure the... Read More »

How to Build Brick Stairs?

Brick stairs are a very durable, functional and economical addition to any yard design. Not only is brick less expensive than other outdoor stair resources, but it is also a material that retains i... Read More »

How to Build Spiral Stairs?

A spiral staircase can add an element of unusualness or elegance to any home or building. If you are interested in having one and have the construction knowledge, here are some tips to build spiral... Read More »