How to Build Simple Paper Planes That Fly Well?

Answer The bane of substitute teachers and boring lecturers everywhere, paper airplanes have been around for ages. Even with origami specialists creating newer and better versions every day, the tried, te... Read More »

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Are there any simple water filtration systems, like PUR or Brita, that can be used for well water?

You won't know what kind of filter you need until you have the water tested to find out which minerals or contaminants are present. There are iron and sediment filters which can be put on the line... Read More »

How to Build Cardboard Planes?

Make an airplane from a cardboard box and watch a child enjoy hours of pretend play as a pilot flying high in the sky. Make a second cardboard plane and let a group of children take turns battling ... Read More »

What Type of Paper Planes Fly Faster?

While it may be easy to make a paper airplane, it is not always easy to make one that flies well. Certain types of paper planes, like the classic dart shape, are relatively simple to fold and fly w... Read More »

Do they still make planes that are called air force one or did they stop doing that?

Air Force 1 is the call-sign and designation of any aircraft carrying the President of the United States of America. This means that if the President moves from one aircraft to another then the des... Read More »