How to Build Self Respect After Being Stigmatized?

Answer If you have been stigmatized in any way, remember that sometimes the people stigmatizing us or insulting us are insecure that we may be better than them, smarter, or more talented. Such insecure, j... Read More »

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Team Building Activities That Build Respect?

Whether in the workplace or on the sports field, it is crucial that teams of any sort have a general collegial air about them. In order for this to happen, team members must respect one another wit... Read More »

Why did teen pregnancy become so stigmatized?

It became an issue in the late 1800's when more and more teens began to refuse marriages negotiated by their parents. They wanted to choose their own husbands and they wanted to get an education a... Read More »

Why does Matt Dallas women friends seem not to respect his body or him Matt deserves respect.?

The Ha'tak goa'uld mothership can travel 10 light-years per year with the hyperdrive. This is approximately 0.001 light-years per hour. The Prometheus (it is a BC-303 model) can travel 32 light-ye... Read More »

How to Respect Yourself?

A lack of self-respect can prevent you from fulfilling your potential and developing healthy relationships that don’t devolve into power struggles. Take the following steps to learn how to respec... Read More »