How to Build Self-Concepts in Children Through Art?

Answer A self-concept is the set of ideas an individual holds about himself. A child's self-concept encompasses identity and behavior; it is her place in the world, who she is and what she must do. Art ca... Read More »

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How to Build Self-Resilience in Children?

Every parent's eventual aim is to teach their children to be self-sufficient, and make their own way successfully in the world. To achieve that goal, one of the essential qualities that children mu... Read More »

Lessons That Build Self Esteem in Children?

Each child is born with a distinct set of genes and a unique set of circumstances, such as being the oldest, middle or youngest child in his family. Lessons on self-esteem help children see what is... Read More »

How to Teach Positive Self-Concepts to Preschoolers?

Self-concept is a person's view of himself, including beliefs about physical attributes, personality traits and intelligence. According to Scholastic magazine (, during the preschool... Read More »

How does one practice self-healing through self-hypnotism?

The mind is a mysterious thing isn't it? But I bet you already knew that. Sometimes we can trick ourselves into thinking what we feel is real. I would like to try and help this friend of yours too.... Read More »