How to Build Safety Into Your Home?

Answer Many safety precautions take place due to concern for children. However, the parents have accidents almost as frequently as their children. To avoid accidents in the home, consider these simple saf... Read More »

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Home safety issues for preschool children or community safety issue?

Girlintheshadows made some good suggestions. I would, also, suggest putting protective covers in plug sockets, safety gates to keep children from falling down stairs or not so safe areas in the hou... Read More »

Pallets to build raised garden bed.. safety?

The chemically-treated ones do seem hazardous to me though some people claim it's not so. However, in your case it is the heat-treated one so I might assume that it's fine. If you're still worried,... Read More »

Personal Safety in the Home?

Personal safety in the home is important, particularly for people who cannot fend well for themselves. This includes toddlers and elderly people. There are a wide variety of personal safety measure... Read More »

Safety Tips in the Home?

On average, 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits occur annually, according to the Home Safety Council. Thousands of accidents happen every day. Many of the accidents are preventable, such as... Read More »