How to Build Safety Into Your Home?

Answer Many safety precautions take place due to concern for children. However, the parents have accidents almost as frequently as their children. To avoid accidents in the home, consider these simple saf... Read More »

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How to Make Your Pants Into Skinny Jeans by Using Safety Pins?

Do you see all those awesome skinny pants walking past you and you just love how they look? Want to make your own?

Home safety issues for preschool children or community safety issue?

Girlintheshadows made some good suggestions. I would, also, suggest putting protective covers in plug sockets, safety gates to keep children from falling down stairs or not so safe areas in the hou... Read More »

How to Build Your Den Into a Man Cave?

The man cave brings visions of a masculine decor including large flat-screen televisions, comfortable seating arrangements and a stocked bar. Redesigning a den into a man cave requires assessing th... Read More »

How to Build Your New Home?

Select your area to build in, next plan on a simple plan rather than a perfect home, over the years of building for others it seems that they try to hard to make it perfect. Build for a 5 year plan... Read More »