How to Build Love With Your Bearded Dragon?

Answer Bearded dragons are aware of pretty much anything, they look around and are very much mysterious. Bearded dragons are like any pet, want to be loved. This article includes facts about how to play w... Read More »

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How to Hold a Bearded Dragon?

Holding a bearded dragonDid you see the movie "Holes"? It pictures these strange and frightening creatures that puff up and attack! Those scary looking lizards are called bearded dragons. However, ... Read More »

How to Feed a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded Dragons are one of the most tame reptiles, and their sense of personality and style only adds to their popularity in the reptile keeping hobby. When it comes to feeding Bearded Dragons, the... Read More »

Can you tell the age of a bearded dragon by length?

Because bearded dragons can reach their full adult size--up to 24 inches--within one year, length is not always a reliable indicator of age. Even as juveniles, bearded dragons grow at varying rates... Read More »

How Can I Tell If a Bearded Dragon Is Pregnant?

Bearded Dragon lizards make excellent pets, and it is often tempting for pet owners to undertake the joys of breeding their pets. Just like any child-rearing endeavor, the process of identifying th... Read More »