How to Build Letters With Tangrams?

Answer A set of tangrams consist of seven polygonal shapes that can be combined and rearranged to create letters, animals and geometric designs. Originally an ancient Chinese puzzle, tangrams have been ad... Read More »

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How to Make a Triangle With 7 Tangrams?

An endless number of shapes, designs and polygons can be constructed using a set of tangrams. Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle containing two large right triangles, two small right triangles,... Read More »

If i type a bunch of words with only capital letters how do I change these words to lowercase letters?

it depend what programme you used, in microsoft office word which i use there is an icon for this. if the document is not too long you can backspace each letter and substitute it's lower case equiv... Read More »

How to Make a Five Piece Hexagon From Tangrams?

Originating in 19th century China, tangram puzzles are both fun and educational. By manipulating the pieces, students learn about geometry and proportions. While most tangram puzzles use seven piec... Read More »

How to Stop Letters from Erasing Other Letters While Typing?

Are you tired of accidentally hitting a key you don't know you hit and the letters on the screen keep on erasing every time you type something behind it? Well learn what key you hit and fix the pro... Read More »