How to Build Huge Legs Without Doing Squats?

Answer So you hate loading up a barbell and throwing on top of your shoulders? Here's the next best thing that will have your legs growing like weeds!

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How to Perform Split Squats for Developing Riding Fit Legs?

This is an excellent exercise for equestrian athletes to develop and maintain excellent hip mobility.

Do squats make your butt AND legs bigger 10 POINTS?

Yes, squats work your quads (thighs) as well as your glutes, probably moreso.If you're looking for glutes exercises that don't use your quads take a look at this list here:http://www.bodybuilding.c... Read More »

What exercise can i do to TONE my thighs ... im not doing squats or lunges as i already have big butt?

don't take pills or anything, eat organic fresh things. grapefruits help speed up weight loss. run run run! it helps reduce fat everywhere, sit ups and crunches help with abs. lift weights - muscle... Read More »

My knee hurts after doing squats yesterday. i'm afraid i might have a tear. how can you tell if something?

Trust me you will know! It is a very sharp stabbing pain, and it throbs and swells. You will usually hear a pop when you do it and your knee will feel very unstable, like when you make certain move... Read More »