How to Build & Hang Floating Shelves?

Answer Hanging shelves are designed to hang on a wall without brackets protruding downward, creating a sleek and modern look. This is done by hiding the mounting hardware in the hollowed-out back edge of ... Read More »

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Ways to Hang Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves, also known as bracketless shelves, get their name because they appear to float on a shelf with no visible brackets. For many do-it-yourselfers figuring out the proper way to hang ... Read More »

How to Build Simple Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves are an elegant way of displaying collectibles, photos, travel mementos, or other decorations. To build floating shelves the traditional way or from a hollow-core door, follow these... Read More »

Instructions on How to Build Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves -- shelves with the attachment to the wall hidden in the hollowed out back -- lend a sleek and modern look to your walls. Many people feel the clean lines make up for the added has... Read More »

How Far Apart Should Floating Shelves Be Hung?

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