How to Build Fiberglass Sub Enclosures?

Answer Custom fiberglass sub enclosures are popular aftermarket upgrades to cars. Unlike generic enclosures bought in stores, custom-made designs are perfectly integrated into the shape of your car. You h... Read More »

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DIY Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosures?

Fiberglass is a cloth or netting made from glass fibers. When resin soaks into it and cures, it becomes a very strong material. Using fiberglass, the walls of your subwoofer enclosures can be thinn... Read More »

How to Build Custom Truck Subwoofer Enclosures?

Single-cab and extended cab trucks tend to have a limited amount of space in which to place a subwoofer. The subwoofer box must fit but also have a large enough volume to properly accommodate the u... Read More »

How to Build a Fiberglass Sub Box?

Fiberglass subwoofer boxes came to prominence sometime during the 1990s, when enthusiasts figured out that putting a big wooden box in the trunk wasn't exactly going to draw the kind of attention t... Read More »

How to Build Fiberglass Molds?

A fiberglass mold creates multiple parts and objects that are identical. Fiberglass cloth and resin is pressed into the mold and left to dry. Once hardened the fiberglass takes the shape of the mol... Read More »