How to Build Brick Columns?

Answer Brick columns are a classic addition to patios, fences, or entryways. They are also very durable, lasting for decades, and far more cost efficient compared to other fence and column materials.

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How to Build Octagonal Wood Columns?

Octagonal columns have been around for centuries. They have adorned Egyptian tombs and Roman coliseums. Today, they are still in use in more modestly constructed homes as a way to add aesthetic app... Read More »

How to Build Mud Brick Houses?

Builders of mud brick or adobe homes save thousands of dollars building their homes themselves instead of purchasing homes already made. The Mother Earth News website states that one adobe home bui... Read More »

How to Build a Brick Wall?

This is how to build a brick wall, though it does not cover all circumstances (such as building a brick wall on a hill).

How to Build a Brick Garden Bed?

Garden beds with clear boundaries, such as brick garden beds, have several advantages. Most brick garden beds are designed for walking around, not through, so the soil will not become compacted. Th... Read More »