How to Buffer Scratches on a Car?

Answer When you own a car, getting minor scratches on it will happen, resulting from road debris, or accidental brushes from people or other cars. Fortunately, buffing them out is not a hard task to do. T... Read More »

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How do I use a buffer to remove scratches from my car?

Materials NeededRemove scratches from your vehicle with these items: electric buffer, wool pad, rubbing compound and safety goggles, hook and loop tape. Also purchase a foam pad, and polish to buff... Read More »

How to Use a Buffer to Remove Scratches From My Car?

Cars can get a lot of scratches on them just from everyday driving as well as from various weather conditions, animals and foliage. If you have continuously labored by hand to buff scratches from y... Read More »

How to Remove Light Scratches With a Power Buffer?

Scratches on your vehicle take away from the beauty of the paint. Fortunately, most light scratches come out with a little work. Most vehicle paint jobs include a clearcoat that covers the paint. L... Read More »

How to Wax a Car With a Buffer?

Getting an impeccable shine on your vehicle is sometimes hard to do with an ordinary cloth and some wax. Technique and equipment are two important factors when it comes to waxing cars. A buffer pro... Read More »