How to Buff a Car Without the Compound?

Answer Buffing a car takes the oxidation and buildup off the top of the clear coat of paint. Buffing compound is slightly abrasive and removes these things easily to change your car's paint from dull and ... Read More »

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How to Buff Car Paint With Rubbing Compound?

Is your car paint is looking faded, flat and dull? Maybe you have brand new paint on the car and need to give it that smooth look and feel or you just want to remove years of old car wax. Rubbing c... Read More »

I'm 14 and I want to get buff without stunning my growth.?

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How Else Can You Buff Your Nails Without a Buffer?

Buffing your nails gives them a polished look without having to apply nail polish. If you don't have a four-way buffer, you can still buff your nails and achieve a smooth, shiny surface. The idea b... Read More »

How to Buff Out a Surface Scratch From a Car Without Harming the Paint?

Surface scratches on the paint of a car can easily occur. Simply brushing up against your car with a zippered jacket can cause a surface scratch in the paint. However, these light scratches can be ... Read More »