How to Buff a Car?

Answer When washing your car, remember to make it shine and a good wax application only goes so far. You must buff that polish to perfection. While you are at it, rub out any scratches as well. If you lea... Read More »

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How to Buff & Wax a Car?

A good wax and buff is one of the cheapest ways to make your car look like new. To save even more money to get that shine, washing and buffing your car is simple and done at home with a few basic t... Read More »

How Do You Buff New Paint on a Car?

It takes a lot of hard labor to get your car's new paint job smooth and shiny. New paint can run, drip or get an "orange peel" look, when paint dries in a clumpy, uneven texture. To buff that grit ... Read More »

How to Buff Cars?

Buffing a car can make a big difference in the car's appearance. Even newly painted cars can benefit from being buffed properly. Buffing a car using the wrong tools or steps can cause major damage ... Read More »

How to Buff a Keyed Car?

Are you trying to find a way to remove key marks from your car? If your car has been "keyed," which means it has key scrapes on the paint finish, you can attempt to fix the marks yourself without r... Read More »