How to Buff Out Plastic on an ATV?

Answer Riding an all-terrain vehicle can give its user hours of pleasure, turning the toughest of landscapes into a rider’s playground. However, tough ground cover is rough on the plastic used to cover ... Read More »

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How to Buff Plastic Headlights?

Plastic headlights may get scratched, chipped or cracked. The plastic is generally more durable than older glass headlights, and though it can get fogged or unclear over time, with the right produc... Read More »

When installing plastic on ceiling studs for a vapor barrier is there any reason black plastic can not be used?

Ceiling studs are called joists and why the hell would you want a vapor barrier on a ceiling?

How do you get the burnt plastic smell out of dishes and cups that ran in the same cycle as a plastic spoon that melted in the dishwasher?

Answer You could try soaking them for a while in baking soda and warm water. Good luck!

Getting strong sticky tape residue off plastic bath & upvc window frames without damaging the plastic?

WD-40 I would first try iy in a hard to see area.