How to Buff Floors?

Answer Buffing floors removes the surface scratches revealing a fresher, flatter surface. This surface will reflect light more evenly and give off a more shiny glow. Buffing reduces the need to strip the ... Read More »

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How do i buff terrazzo floors?

CleaningMix 1 cup of commercial terrazzo cleaner with 3 gallons of water. Never use acid or alkaline cleaning products, such as all-purpose household cleaners or wax removers since their harsh ingr... Read More »

How to Buff Skid Marks Out of Laminate Floors?

Known for their affordability and irrefutable strength, laminate floors simulate the appearance of natural hardwood. Laminate planks consist of multiple layers that provide the flooring's durable f... Read More »

Can graphite powder help with squeeky hardwood floors floors?

Not graphite but sometimes ( sometimes) baby powder or talc sweep into the cracks helps. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

Can you change natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors?

You can change your natural oak hardwood floors into cherry oak floors by applying a coat of cherry stain to the wood. According to The Internet Consumer Guide To Hardwood Floors, natural hardwood ... Read More »