How to Buff Fingernails?

Answer Buffing your nails reduces the ridges on your nail beds that can cause cracking and breaking. It also helps your fingernails to look as shiny as if you have a clear coat of nail polish on, which ma... Read More »

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How to Buff & Wax a Car?

A good wax and buff is one of the cheapest ways to make your car look like new. To save even more money to get that shine, washing and buffing your car is simple and done at home with a few basic t... Read More »

How to Buff a Car?

When washing your car, remember to make it shine and a good wax application only goes so far. You must buff that polish to perfection. While you are at it, rub out any scratches as well. If you lea... Read More »

How to Buff Headlights?

Over time, the plastic lenses of car headlights will become dull and yellow. This is caused by scouring from road dirt, ultraviolet exposure from sunlight and the natural aging process of the plast... Read More »

How to Wet Sand and Buff a Car?

Wet sanding and buffing enhances a car's appearance for car shows and increases the vehicle's value for resale. Many new cars arrive at the dealership with a finish resembling orange peel. In highe... Read More »