How to Buckle Up a Small Child?

Answer When it comes to keeping your child safe while traveling in a car, nothing matters more than safely buckling him or her. Every state has its own opinion on when a child needs to be in a child car s... Read More »

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How do I start a small fish tank for a child?

Read about fish options.Decide on what fish you'll consider before you get to the pet store. While goldfish are the obvious choice because they are inexpensive, they can grow quite large (up to 12 ... Read More »

How to Do the Macarena While Holding a Small Child?

Have you gotten stuck at a party while holding your small child, and your asked to dance the Macarena? Here's how to do it successfully!

Is the TV series LOST suitable for small child?

NO!! it contains viloence,tradgedy,death,desperation cussing, guns. etc. They don't even know half of those words, and u would let them watch it?? no. not for small children. Bad influence for youn... Read More »

How does a small cervix effect child birth?

It doesn't. The cervix becomes very elastic during pregnancy, size doesn't matter.