How to Bruise Basil Leaves?

Answer Basil produces its best flavour in cooking when it's bruised. Here is how to bruise it effectively.

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How to Save Basil Leaves?

Basil adds distinct Italian flavor to tomato dishes and sauces, making this herb a natural companion for growing amid tomato plants. Its pale green leaves are highly fragrant, releasing scent with ... Read More »

My Basil's Leaves Are Curled?

Basil is a flavorful herb often used in pasta dishes, salads and sauces. Basil is simple to grow in your own garden, as it requires little fertilization and is equally suited to life in the ground ... Read More »

How to Chop Basil Leaves?

Fresh herbs add a rich flavor to many dishes. To preserve the maximum amount of flavor, you can cut leaves a particular way. This technique is most effective with basil leaves, but can be applied t... Read More »

How do I cut basil plant leaves?

Snip a few leaves off of the basil--an herb belonging to the mint family--at any time. Doing so will not damage the plant. If you need the stems so that you can dry the leaves for future use, cut t... Read More »