How to Browse Anonymously in Firefox?

Answer Web browsers such as Firefox are set up to automatically track which Web sites you visit. If you would like to browse without Firefox keeping track of the sites you visit or other information, then... Read More »

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How to Browse Sites Secretly Using Firefox?

Using Firefox in secret can be a useful way to use the internet to purchase gifts for loved ones or going on MySpace without people knowing. The best option however is to not use extensions but use... Read More »

How to Be Online Anonymously?

It seems like many people would like to be anonymous. It's not just a matter of free speech but also a way to create multiple accounts on social networks or avoid censoring of your government or co... Read More »

How to Surf the Web Anonymously?

When you surf the Internet, you make a surprising amount of information available to the sites you visit. This information can be exploited by others. Companies monitor browsing habits to help them... Read More »

How to Use uTorrent Anonymously?

There are a myriad reasons to use uTorrent to download and share files. Regardless of the legal issues currently surrounding file sharing, many organizations have begun relying on torrents as a wa... Read More »