How to Bring a Photo Into the Canvas in GIMP?

Answer When you create a new file in the GIMP image editor, you are presented with a blank canvas. If you open a photo using the "Open" command, the photo is not added to the existing canvas. GIMP uses l... Read More »

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How to Turn a Photo Into a Puzzle Using GIMP?

Great effect!Making a photo have the appearance of a puzzle isn't as hard as you may think. With the use of Gimp (and Inkscape), you can do it with free software!This is done in Inkscape. It has be... Read More »

How to Turn a Digital Photo Into a Polaroid Using Gimp?

Sometimes, you can bring back the 'days of yore' by doing small things with your shots to give them the appearance of the 'old days'. This article will show you how to do so with Gimp and how to tu... Read More »

Tutorial to Apply a Canvas in Gimp?

The GNU Image Manipulation Program, better known as GIMP, allows its users to alter their digital images to suit their needs. It includes the obvious abilities like cropping and adjusting colors, a... Read More »

How to Make the Canvas in GIMP Longer Across?

As you work with images in GIMP, you may occasionally find yourself needing to add content around the outside of an image. The "Scale Image" option is not appropriate for this because it resizes th... Read More »