How to Bring Your Children to Work on Snow Days?

Answer Snow is falling and schools are closed, but you still have to be at work. If you have no alternative childcare arrangements, your only options are to take a day of vacation or bring the children wi... Read More »

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Days fans - OK, I'll be the first to bring it up. Whose dancing did you enjoy?

omg Ladies all very sexy Rafe great body but seemed lost. Cameron,Brady and Daniel maybe a future career. My dollars are ready! Maybe a future show could include Magic Mikes Channing Tatum as a g... Read More »

Will drinking castor oil help bring on labor if you will be 37 weeks in 3 days?

Answer Caster oil may help bring on labour for some women - not everyone though. A normal pregnancy length is considered to be 38-40 weeks. Therefore if you are only 36.4 weeks, I would suggest you... Read More »

Are they going to bring Allie Horton back on Days of our Lives?

Allie and Johnny will be spending More time onscreen now that this part is done. Will is also going to be brough to Front burner.

If you buy an iphone 4 from the U.S and bring it to Australia wil it work. do i just have to unlock it. can you do that. what sim card does it work with?

If the iPhone is factory unlocked,yes u can use it If not,nope U have to jailbrake it and unlock it. Still no unlock for the 4-th iPhone Maybe the next week it's gonna to be a release