How to Bring Out Hazel Eyes?

Answer The description of hazel eyes varies. While some say hazel eyes are a golden green, others say the eye color is more of a brown with a touch of gold. Either way, the color is very attractive, with ... Read More »

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Can blue eyes and hazel eyes make green eyes?

No, an offspring will inherit both genes of eye colour from your their mum or their dad but only one will be dominant, so you only get either your mums eyes or your dads. However you could carry a ... Read More »

Blue eyes, Hazel eyes, or green eyes?

Hazel, blue contacts will look weird

Can hazel eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Hazel is a form of brown eyes. Brown eyes are a dominant gene, blue are recessive. The person with the hazel eyes has a brown eyed blood realitive and will carry the gene to create a brown eyed chi... Read More »

Can two people with brown eyes have a baby with hazel eyes?

Yesno because of the genetics it would be impossibleyes, because it happened to me