How to Bring Out Blue Eyes?

Answer Eyes are often said to tell a lot about a person and is a window into the soul. With such a large amount of interest invested in how other's eyes look, it's normal to want to make your eye color st... Read More »

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How can you bring out your blue eyes?

I have blue eyes too. I recently asked the people at Sephora what to do to make my eyes pop. They told me to use a brownish/mauve liner and then to use a light color on my lid and then dab a little... Read More »

Does brown or blonde hair bring out blue eyes the most?

Maybe in North America some would say brown because most brunettes have brown eyes, but in most countries around the world people would say blonde hair and blue eyes is the most beautiful combinati... Read More »

Can a baby have blue eyes if the father has brown eyes and the mother has blue eyes?

Yes if the father is heterozygous Dominant for brown eyes (Bb) and the mother is homozygous recessive (bb and the only option) for blue eyes. The the baby would then have a 75% chance of having blu... Read More »

Which is hotter, brunette with blue eyes, or blonde with blue eyes?

I think Brunette with Blue Eyes is its exotic,Pretty and they(eyes) really stand out.