How to Brighten up Your Living Room?

Answer A drab living room can easily be transformed from drab to fab. Fresh paint, and a trip to a thrift shop for accessories, can help create a new-looking room.

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How to brighten a room?

pacific blue or blue-green would be nice.

How to Brighten up a Dark Room?

Working in a lit room makes it easier to focusIs your house plagued by poor lighting? Try brightening up the room. Illuminating a dark room can make you feel better and provide a better ambiance th... Read More »

Is it front room, sitting room, living room or lounge?

depends if: its at the front of the house, you sit in it, live in it or have a sag-lounge in it.

Sarinas living room is 15 feet by 18 feet. what will it cost to carpet the living room if carpet costs 24$ per?

15 x 18 feet = 5 x 6 yards = 30 square yards @ $24/sq.yard = $720.