How to Brew a Laxative Tea?

Answer When used correctly, laxative tea has many health benefits associated with it. The main ingredient, senna, can help cleanse and expel impurities from the body, curing constipation and irregularity.... Read More »

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What is the best laxative?

A good hot Indian curry, they always give me bum blast.

What's a laxative?

A laxative is a substance used to relieve the constipation which main effect is to secrete electrolytes and lowering the absorption of water, all of this conducing to a high hydrostatic pressure in... Read More »

I just took a laxative?

It makes you have a BM easier than if you didn't take one...

Is It Ok To Have A Laxative A Day?

Laxative addiction is a myth - the result of extremely flawed research (exposed in American Journal of Society of Gastroenterology; see also Dr Udi Shmueli's book on IBS).But medicine dependency is... Read More »