How to Brew Tea in a Beer Bottle in a Microwave?

Answer Making tea in college when you aren't allowed to use a hot plate in the dorm is difficult. Sure there's the communal stove, but let's be honest, how much flak are you willing to take for brewing te... Read More »

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How old do you have to be to brew beer?

In the United States, the legal drinking age is 21. This age limit also applies to the manufacturing of alcoholic products. In states where it is legal to brew beer at home, no one under the age of... Read More »

How to Brew Your Own Beer?

Brewing your own beer at home is pretty darn easy, inexpensive and will most likely produce a product superior to anything you can buy in the store. You'll become a god to your beer drinking friend... Read More »

Can you use any yeast to brew beer? reported that there are hundreds of strains of yeast, but when it comes to choosing a yeast for your beer you should choose either a top-fermenting or bottom-fermenting yeast. Cho... Read More »

How to Brew Honey Beer?

Honey beer, most often called mead, is an ancient beer that has been brewed for thousands of years. You can brew a small batch of honey beer at home with very little equipment. Most of what you wil... Read More »