How to Breed the Spike Tailed Paradise Fish?

Answer Are you an Anabantids lover simply want to breed them?

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How to Raise Paradise Fish Fry?

With their brilliant colors and ornate fins, paradise fish (Macropodus opercularis) might look like fragile exotic fish, but in fact they are adapted for life in small bodies of stagnant water such... Read More »

How to Breed Fish?

Breeding fish is a fascinating and educational hobby. Information specific to the species on spawning and young-raising behavior must be known to successfully breed fish. Some fish bear live young,... Read More »

How To Breed Fighter Fish?

Bettas, also called Siamese fighting fish, are part of the gourami family of fish. They have been classified as belonging to the Ananbantidae family as well because of the labyrinth organs that are... Read More »

How to Breed Anemone Fish?

Anemone fish, also known as clownfish, are marine fish that live in a symbiotic relationship with stinging anemones. Anemone fish can be very interesting to watch as they interact with their anemo... Read More »