How to Breed Wild Shiners?

Answer Fishing enthusiasts know how expensive shiners, sometimes called minnows, are from the local bait shop. For the shiner to attract the larger fish, it is best that they are alive and swimming around... Read More »

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How to Breed Wild Birds?

Although often kept as pets, birds such as parrots, exotic songbirds, and toucans are still considered wild birds that have not been changed from their cousins found living in the wild. Breeding wi... Read More »

When do wild ducks breed?

Dozens of species of ducks inhabit North America, each with varying breeding behaviors. For example, mallards and wood ducks will pair up in early fall and mate in late winter or early spring. Rudd... Read More »

How to Breed Wild Bettas?

Wild bettas are becoming endangered. If you are an experienced betta breeder, you can help conserve wild bettas. Wild bettas control insect populations (especially mosquitoes), and this is the main... Read More »

How to Catch Shiners?

Sometimes the best way to catch a fish is with a fish. Stow some minnows or shiners in with the rest of your tackle when you are looking to come home with that big bass, trout or other fish who fee... Read More »