How to Breed Lutino Cockatiels?

Answer Lutino cockatiels are a color mutation of the original gray cockatiel. Breeding procedures are the same for all colors of cockatiels. Lutino cockatiels have yellow faces and crests and orange cheek... Read More »

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How to Breed Emerald Cockatiels?

Emerald cockatiels were first bred in Texas in the 1990s. Some breeders refer to Emeralds as Olives or Suffused Yellow, as emerald cockatiels are not green. Cockatiels do not have a green pigmentat... Read More »

How to Train Cockatiels?

Training cockatiels with physical disabilities to "step up".Many cockatiels are active and high energy birds but some with these disabilities wing problems,and leg problems.

Kinds Of Cockatiels?

Among species that people often keep as pets is the cockatiel, a small type of cockatoo native to Australia. The cockatiel is 12 inches long, can live up to 25 years and is very social. They like h... Read More »

How to Keep Cockatiels Healthy While Breeding?

Having cockatiels breed is great. However, they must be healthy or it can end up as a tragedy.