How to Breed Limousin Cattle?

Answer This is a step-by-step of how to breed Limousin cattle.  This is only reserved for such pure-breeding operations that strive to maintain the genetic pool of this breed. This is not limited to thos... Read More »

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How to Identify Limousin Cattle?

limousin bullAn in-depth guide telling how to identify Limousin cattle.

How to Know When to Breed Cattle?

Knowing when to breed cattle requires you to detect when cows are in heat. A cow will conceive only when she is in heat, or estrus, which occurs every 18 to 24 days. Estrus is the period of time wh... Read More »

How to Breed Beef Cattle?

Belgian Blue cows and calvesBreeding beef cattle involves producing offspring that are primarily used for the beef market. Fundamentally, it's all about getting cows bred to produce calves to sell ... Read More »

How to Breed Shorthorn Cattle?

Shorthorn cattle are raised to produce beef or milk. The breed, introduced into the United States in 1783, has two lines, one for producing milk (Milking Shorthorns) and the other for producing mea... Read More »