How to Breed Freshwater Fish?

Answer Freshwater fish are popular and enjoyable pets which can provide hours of entertainment, but do not require much time. They are also quiet and tidy, and they do not need round-the-clock attention. ... Read More »

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How to Breed Freshwater Rainbow Fish?

There are many species of freshwater rainbow fish, and most are simple to breed because the males are usually easy to identify by their vibrant colors and longer anal and dorsal fins. The most succ... Read More »

How many fish can live in a 55-gallon freshwater fish tank?

On One Hand: Fit One Inch of Fish Per GallonThe usual advice for the number of fish that can fit in an aquarium is one gallon per inch of fish. So, a 55-gallon tank would fit 55 fish that are one i... Read More »

Is a freshwater drum fish a game fish?

The freshwater drum is a game fish found in lakes and rivers throughout North America. Drum can grow to more than 50 lbs. and will strike artificial and natural baits. Freshwater drum are bottom fe... Read More »

Is the oscar fish a saltwater or freshwater fish?

Oscars, which originate in the waters of the Amazon, are freshwater fish. They are also known as peacock, walnut or velvet cichlids. Oscars come in a variety of colors, including olive green and al... Read More »