How to Breed Clown Fish in an Aquarium?

Answer Clown fish, also known as anemone fish, are a good choice for beginners interested in breeding saltwater fish. The fish have a reputation for being relatively simple to breed in captivity. Though c... Read More »

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What fish are compatible with molly aquarium fish?

Some compatible tank mates for molly fish are plecostomus, platies, guppies and larger varieties of tetras. Because of their flowing fins, mollies do well with most fish that are neither aggressive... Read More »

How to Care for a Clown Fish?

There are so many types of fish. The Clown fish is one of the types. The Clown fish is very popular. If you have a Clown fish but don't know how to take care of it, read this easy article.

How to Take Care of a Clown Fish?

Taking care of a real-life "Little Nemo" clown fish takes extra care. Clown fish are colorful fish that are yellow, orange, red, black or striped with white, and are native to the Pacific and India... Read More »

The Parts of a Clown Fish?

Clown fish, made more popular because of the movie "Finding Nemo," are one of the most recognizable fish among reef-dwellers. The clown fish is bright orange with white bars and is about 4 inches l... Read More »