How to Breed Angelfish?

Answer Angelfish are a favorite of freshwater aquarium hobbyists for their unique appearance. With triangular bodies, bold stripes and long fins, this elegant, easy-to-keep tropical fish will beautify any... Read More »

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How to Breed Dwarf Marine Angelfish?

There are many different types of marine angelfish. Centropyges are commonly known as dwarf or pygmys. They come in a large variety of different sizes and colors. All of these fish are sequential h... Read More »

How to Tell the Gender of an Angelfish?

If you are wondering if your angelfish is male or female, read on.

Can oscars and angelfish be in same aquarium?

Angelfish and oscars should not be put in the same aquarium. Oscars are aggressive fish and will eat virtually anything that they can fit in their mouth. Angelfish are shy and tend to be smaller th... Read More »

Do the bright colors on an angelfish help to camouflage them?

Yes, the brightly colored markings on angelfish do help the fish to camouflage themselves. These vertical stripes help angelfish blend into their surroundings. Angelfish are members of the Cichlida... Read More »