How to Breathe and Whistle While Inhaling?

Answer A whistling sound can be made by using your mouth as an instrument or by using a simple device called a whistle. The whistling sound occurs when air is forced through a small opening in your mouth.... Read More »

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Inhaling gunpowder help please!!!?

In small amount, no, the gunpowder you may have inhaled will not be enough. However, there are other chemicals in the fireworks. I don't know what you were using, but if you have respiratory issues... Read More »

What is the effect of Inhaling bleach?

Depends on the concentration of the bleach you inhaled. A little whiff won't do harm. Lengthy exposure to high concentration bleach can damage the airway and lungs quite severely. In all but very e... Read More »

How does MRSA affect you through inhaling?

It's EXTREMELY unlikely to be transmitted by air. MRSA pneumonia is almost unheard of outside a hospital.I see MRSA patients frequently while they are inpatients. The hospital protocol is contact, ... Read More »

Inhaling every hit of a black and mild?

I have but it doesn't suit me well. I prefer the inhale to the mouth and exhale method.