How to Breathe Through the Chest?

Answer Chest breathing is a matter of common sense. Humans instinctively know how to breathe through their chests, but proper chest breathing is a technique that must be learned. Mastering proper chest br... Read More »

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The last couple days my chest and shoulders hurt and it hurts to breathe...?

Pleurisy is an inflammation of the membrane that surrounds and protects the lungs (the pleura). Inflammation occurs when an infection or damaging agent irritates the pleural surface. As a consequen... Read More »

What do reptiles breathe through?

Reptiles breathe through lungs, as do mammals and birds. They breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Every reptile has a pair of lungs that are covered in alveoli, or air sacs. Respiration oc... Read More »

Is it bad if you can only breathe through your mouth?

You should really train yourself to breathe through your nose its the correct way then youre not breathing on everyone around you.

Do turtles breathe through their nose?

Turtles have lungs that allow them to breathe oxygen. Some turtles bring water in through their nasal passages where the oxygen is separated. Other turtles bring water in through their anal passage... Read More »