How to Breathe Life Into a Boring Party?

Answer Some parties don't turn out the way they are meant to be. A party where not everyone is actually letting their hair down and enjoying heartily loses the flavor of a party and is reduced to just a s... Read More »

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How to Breathe New Life Into a Cliched and Generic Fantasy Story?

There are lots of poor, cliched, generic fantasy stories out there with little to no difference to thousands of other generic fantasy stories. These stories seem to lack proper writing motivation, ... Read More »

How to Plan a Date to Put Life Back Into Your Boring Dating Relationship?

Sometimes, there's nothing like spending a day in your pajamas, kicking back, and watching a film with your other half. However, doing this day after day can really take it out of you. Here's ways ... Read More »

How to Survive a Boring Party?

From time to time, we all end up at parties that aren't very interesting, whether through school, work or friendships. When this happens, it's important to know how to make the best of things while... Read More »

How to Avoid a Boring Life?

An active person makes things; a passive person waits for things to be made. An active person works, plays, walks, run, dance, travel, speak, love, laugh, cry. A passive person doesn’t do anythin... Read More »