How to Breathe Deeply?

Answer Breathing deeply can calm the mind and develop a strong spine.

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Why does it hurt so bad when I breathe deeply Please help.?

This may be the acid from your stomach. Do you eat at the right time? There's a possibility you're palpitating, or you have heartburn.

I cut my ear deeply what should I do?

Damp a face cloth in cold water and apply pressure to the cut, should soon stop the bleeding.

How to Let Go of Someone Who You Deeply Loved?

Ever loved someone so much, but realized you couldn't have them and even after that you couldn't let them go? There's help just read the tips below.

How to treat a deeply cut lip?

There's not too much you can do, really. Make sure you keep it clean, using soap and water. Also, keep it moist- apply vaseline or some other kind of unscented lip ointment liberally. Keeping a wou... Read More »