How to Breast-Feed a Sick Child Who Doesn't Belong to You?

Answer Breast-feeding a child has a number of health benefits, including the antibodies that help to prevent illnesses and aid in healing them. Some mothers even breast-feed the children of other women, ... Read More »

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Can you breast feed you child in public?

of course you can breast feed in public. you just carry a small blanket that you throw over your shoulder thatll cover your torso and the baby while feeding. but just because youre mature enought... Read More »

Can DNA sampling change if the child has been breast feed by the alleged mother?

Each person's DNA is unique and does not change. The DNA code that a person has was set at the moment of conception and remains the same throughout life no matter what they eat. And while breast mi... Read More »

What to feed a nine month old baby who is breast feed?

You can feed them anything you would feed a bottle-fed baby of the same age. Try baby food in a jar.

How to Syringe Feed a Sick Rat?

Sometimes a rat gets so sick that it can't eat or drink without help. In this case, you'll probably need to feed it with a syringe.