How to Breakup With Your Boyfriend?

Answer When you are breaking up with your boyfriend, always remember to stay calm and focused on what you're doing.

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How to Tell Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend You Want to Breakup in a Nice Way?

Your current relationship isn't working out, so you want to cut the person loose. However, you do not want to hurt the person's feelings. If you want to tell someone that you want to break up in th... Read More »

Is it common after a 3-month breakup for your ex-boyfriend to send you an eCard on Easter saying he hopes you had a happy and blessed Easter or does this indicate something more?

Answer I would say that it indicates he still has feelings for you. Answer I say u drop it and give up

What do you do if deep down your older brother feels like your boyfriend has replaced him in your life and show no respect to your boyfriend and resents you for dating him?

You shouldspeak to your brother and say that he is still very important to you. Tell him that you were going to get a boyfriend sooner or later and they will change but he will always be your broth... Read More »

Is it legal in Virginia to live with your boyfriend when you have joint custody of a child with your ex-husband?

Answer You are entitled to live with your boyfriend if you choose, that's how the term 'step-parent' came about, everybody has the right to be happy!